house of the dragon

You can watch House of the Dragon for free on YouTube

HBO made its first episode Game of Thrones Prequel series House of the Dragon Available to watch for free on YouTube, this is an amusing marketing move with the release of Amazon Prime Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Friday last week.

Life is good right now for epic fantasy fans House of the Dragon Attracting the biggest audience for a new HBO series (and bricking the streaming service in the process). At the same time, The Rings of Power It attracted 25 million global viewers the day it premiered, making it Amazon Prime’s biggest debut ever.

The success of Amazon’s Tolkien adaptation is, at least in part, giving HBO a taste of its latest adventure in Westeros, tempting you to sign up for yet another streaming service — although, the freebie has other reasonable explanations besides, ah, good luck Timing. The Game of Thrones The series finale received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike on Rotten Tomatoes, so even though 10 million people tuned in for the House of the Dragon premiere, it’s understandable that some fans who scoffed at the franchise needed a little more persuading before jumping into the gorge. RR Martin Hype Train.

House of the Dragon Set nearly 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones The series chronicles the fall of House Targaryen and their reign on the Iron Throne. As expected, dragons, family feuds and long wigs abound for those disappointed by contemporary hairstyles. Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

The watch link is, unfortunately, region locked and therefore unavailable outside the US, however, UK fans can also watch the first episode for free thanks to an upload from Sky TV. As expected for a Game of Thrones spinoff, the series comes with an adult content warning so be careful.

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