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YC’s Michael Seibel clears up some misconceptions about the accelerator • Technology Flow

Synonym of Michael Seibel With the growth of Y Combinator in the last decade.

He has views on large batch sizes, the increasingly standard deal, competition, the power of venture capital and why startup founders should prioritize more than just a check after demo day.

Siebel Talked to co-hosted Technology Flow’s Equity Podcast Natasha Mascarenhas And Alex WilhelmAbout Y Combinator amid market changes.

He sees the company, which has backed thousands of entrepreneurs — some of whom have gone on to build billion-dollar companies — as a software play at heart. His perspective is important, as one of Y Combinator’s longest-serving denizens, he helps power its selection process and priority ranking.

The entire conversation is now live wherever you watch podcasts, so listen up. We have summarized four key excerpts from the interview below for further analysis. Questions and answers have been lightly edited for clarity.

The future of the standard contract

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