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Wordle Creator promotes KnotWords, a new everyday puzzle challenge

Knotwords, a crossword-like puzzle game without a clue list, is the evolution of Wordle with complex puzzles and easy construction. Wordley, the five-word puzzle challenge created in October 2021, is a favorite of many who like to test their brains every day. Developed by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardill, the game is now owned and published by The New York Times Company, and acquired the rights in January 2022. Three months later, Wardill is now recommending KnotWords, a daily puzzle challenge. Give tough competition to Wordle. Although Wordle inspired the creation of many puzzle games such as Lewdle, Sweardle, Heardle or Globle, Wardle had previously not received much attention as a KnotWord.

KnotWords was developed by Jack Gage and Jack Schlesinger. Gauge, previously the creator of the spaceship-in-Crisis Sim Tharsis, Announced KnotWords, a new game on Twitter last week, was described as a “minimal, elegant logic puzzle – with words”. His tweet was endorsed by Wardill, who described NotWord as a “wonderfully elegant everyday word game”.

How to play KnotWords

If you’ve already played Wordle, KnotWords may seem easy to you. However, instead of just one in this game, several Wordle quizzes are set up in crossword format. The puzzle is divided into sections, usually Tetris-like parts, which provide some alphabet. The player must arrange these alphabets in such a way that they form exactly one word in a specific section. The work does not end here. To complete the Knotword puzzle, you need to make sure that all the rows and columns form a valid English word.

If you get stuck in the middle, KnotWords offers a reference feature that defines any word that exists somewhere on the board. However, it comes with a three minute penalty, which is added to the player’s game timer.

To watch a quick trailer of the game rules, you can check out the YouTube clip provided by the developers Official game page.

Where to play KnotWords

You can download even more complex puzzle game like Wordle Knotwords App StoreAs well as Google Play Store With 30 puzzles per month. The game is also available Steam (Mac / PC) Here you can buy the full version once a year for $ 4.99 (approximately Rs. 380) or $ 11.99 (approximately Rs. 920). With a 10 per cent discount, the game will be priced at Rs. 359 in India. The full version gives you access to old Notwords archives, references, personal stats as well as color themes.

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