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When VCs fund something you don’t think they’ll fund • Technology Flow

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuances behind the headlines.

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Alex, Natasha And Mary Ann As Teresa runs the production, jumps on the mic to talk about the biggest highlights from the week!

  • Deals of the week! This time we raised $28 million through Polywork, Block Party $4.8 million and Remofirst and its own recent fundraising. Obviously we had to leave 234 deals on the cutting room floor, but we can’t wait to chat more about these. Also, don’t Polywork, Block Party and Remofirst sound fun to make for dinner? Are we the only ones?
  • Insurtech occupies a niche in: From there it’s time to riff on a series of articles from Mary Ann, focusing on niche insurtech companies and proving that it’s still possible to raise nine figures as an insurance-focused startup.
  • Great Delivery Wars: Next up is news from Instacart, which is still busy with product launches as its IPO is still underway and it is leaning towards the public markets. Turns out some companies love more than a slice of its business. Dordash, for one.
  • Removals and more: And then the layoffs. Layoffs at Metafy, Layoffs at Sunday and Layoffs at Ola. We, however, found a silver lining and ran with it.

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