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videogamedunkey started an indie game publishing company

A screenshot from, a new indie publishing company from YouTuber Videogamedunkey, features a fat teal frog with four teal circles on his white belly that says, “Bigmode is here.  A passionate voice for quality, originality and fun in indie games” with a teal button underneath that says “Go BigMod”
Image: Bigmode

videogamedunkey, a popular YouTube video game reviewer with over 7 million subscribers, decided to start his own indie game publishing company. No, none of these words are in the Bible, but it’s true — Dunky is now in the business of publishing games.

In the video, Dunkey says that 11 years of honest and straightforward reviewing has taught him what he needs to know to separate the video game wheat from the weak sauce chaff to bring the best of indie games to the public. He insists that through his channel, “millions of eyes” are on the indie darlings Enter Gunjian, Celeste, Hello nightAnd Undertale – The games, without his approval, would probably have been fine, but hey, every little bit is right?


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