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Valve revamps the Steam stats page with new real-time charts

Valve revamps the Steam stats page with new real time charts

Valve’s stats page for its Steam storefront now includes real-time charts showing the best-selling and most-played games at any given moment. You can check out the new stats page right here.

As I write this, it’s a best-selling title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II — which isn’t too surprising since preordering the game gets you early access to the open beta — but the next best-selling game, to my surprise, Slim Rancher 2.

According to a blog post from Valve, the top-selling lists are ranked based on total revenue, including DLC ​​and in-game purchases, which is “intended to provide a more complete picture of what games players are getting into and staying with. Play.” And Valve added metrics like the number of…

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