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UserPilot, a product-led growth platform for SaaS companies, has raised $4.6 million in a seed funding round led by Silicon Badia in partnership with ScOp Ventures and 500 Global. The startup’s new funding follows the $1.2 million it secured in a pre-seed round last year.

UserPilot helps companies “achieve higher user activation, engagement and retention rates” by enabling them to personalize in-app onboarding experiences for users.

UserPilot CEO Yazan Sehwail told Technology Flow that they will use the fresh funding to build new features that will help companies further reduce customer support and engineering costs.

Sehwail’s entrepreneurial journey began after college in 2013, when he developed enterprise web software for the likes of BMW, which also inspired his UserPilot strategy.

“During that time, we worked on various projects with companies like BMW and the idea of ​​UserPilot came up while working on one of our then clients. We spend a lot of time and resources on building features that are rarely used and require a lot of human resources to educate client users about them,” said Sehwail, co-founder of the startup. With Thabeth Gharaba (CTO) in 2018.

“The idea behind UserPilot is to give the product team (non-technical) the ability to create no-code in-product experiences that contextually introduce features based on user behavior.”

Sehwail added that the startup’s high ability to customize experiences (via a no-code editor) helps product teams create content that looks right for their applications.

“With UserPilot [companies can also] Segment users based on their characteristics and behavior. This allows product teams to contextually target users when it makes the most sense,” he said.

Sehwail said UserPilot has more than 700 paying customers worldwide, including UiPath, Oracle, McGraw Hill and Phocas. The list also includes Growthmentor — which, in the past, claims to have experienced an 83% reduction in support tickets after implementing UserPilot’s onboarding tools.

Namek Jubi, Founding Managing Partner, Silicon Badia said, “At Silicon Badia, we have always been big believers in the product-led growth (PLG) movement, where product drives customer acquisition, expansion, conversion and retention. Having invested in previous PLG success stories like Amplitude (NASDAQ: AMPL ), we believe UserPilot is ushering in the next generation of PLG tools.

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