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Use DORA metrics to support next-generation remote-work models • Technology Flow

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Move to remote The work creates tensions between CEOs and CHROs, which always end in decisions that are not in the best interests of the business. For tech teams, that disconnect can lead to quick fixes that ultimately cost the organization more money and more time and stress for people.

The remote revolution is here. More than three-quarters of engineers want the option to work from home, and some countries are considering introducing remote work into law. Before that happens, CEOs and CHROs need to get back on the same page to support their technology teams and business results.

Start with DORA metrics

DORA metrics measure software delivery speed and throughput by plugging into Git (commits and pull requests) and deployment data.

By looking at a combination of DORA metrics, teams can avoid quick fixes that exacerbate problems.

Metrics include deployment frequency, lead time to change, mean time to recovery, and change failure rate. This information can also flag if engineers are losing engagement, highlight high and low performers, and help companies avoid resorting to unsustainable quick fixes for remote-work models.

Whether you’re ready to cross the hybrid midpoint or jump straight to the remote, here’s why you need DORA Metrics on your side.

Shine light on areas of growth

When working from different locations, it’s easy for processes to slip, communication to go wrong, and opportunities for improvement to be overlooked. With DORA metrics, remote teams can more effectively review their practices and track their success.

To effectively track DORA metrics, companies need a CI/CD platform (Jenkins, CircleCI or Github Actions) that connects to a development analytics platform to aggregate data on the output of engineering teams. Teams can zoom in on metrics like lead time for changes to measure code quality and ultimately the product or service they manage.

Similarly, DORA metrics reinforce the need for remote teams to incorporate testing into the development process to reduce their lead time for changes. This helps remove barriers as testers can teach developers how to write and automate tests.

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