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Twitch streamers say one of them scammed them for gambling money

A screenshot from Slicker's stream of a bald-headed and full-bearded man wearing thick earphones and tearfully talking about his gambling addiction
Image: Slyker / Twitch

Several prominent Twitch streamers, including HassanAbi, are calling out fellow streamer ItsSlicker after he accused him of scamming them out of money to fuel what they describe as a gambling addiction. Over the weekend, streamers took to Twitch and Twitter, sharing voice messages, videos and DMs in which the UK-based streamer begged them for money. He used well-known financial scamming tactics, claiming that his bank account was frozen and that he needed funds to pay bills, and that he would stay afloat until his bank released the funds. Sympathetic streamers sent him large sums of money hoping they would be repaid, but it could take months or sometimes years for the money to be repaid, if at all.

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