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TrovaTrip, Group Travel Management Platform and Marketplace Raises $15M • Technology Flow

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TrovaTrip, a travel planning and booking platform that enables creators to organize adventures with their communities, has raised $15 million in Series A funding led by Madrona. Founded in 2017, the Portland-based company makes it easy for creators to sell and host multi-day experiences around the world. TrovaTrip offers more than 150 experiences in 48 countries. To date, more than 15,000 travelers have used TrovaTrip to book an experience.

The platform includes bookable experiences like hiking in Patagonia, sourcing textiles in Morocco, practicing yoga in Bali and more. Creators on the platform are named hosts, who set their price for the specific experience they lead. TrovaTrip provides a landing page for hosts to publish and advertise their trip and then start accepting bookings. Hosts can also set up an email marketing campaign promoting the bookable experience on their social media channels.

TrovaTrip handles payment processing, customer support, traveler management and also provides free insurance to the host during the trip. The company charges a 10% service fee and a $2.9% transaction fee.

All tours are organized and managed by a certified tour operator and include a local guide to ensure a safe experience. Trips include accommodation, transport between cities, catered meals and guided activities related to the theme of the trip. Examples of trip categories and themes include photography, exploration, health and wellness, food, LGBTQ+, yoga, and more.

The platform was founded by Trovatrip CEO Nick Poggi, CRO Lauren Schneider and CTO Branden Denham. The idea for TrovaTrip began when Poggi, Schneider and some of their friends were planning a two-week vacation trip to Europe, but couldn’t find group travel options for young professionals, Poggi told Technology Flow in an interview. While they were on tour, they began to formulate a plan to create the solution they wished existed. Poggi then brought Denham on board, and the trio came up with the idea of ​​creating a platform that would not only allow you to travel, but to travel while learning about what you’re passionate about with whoever you choose.

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“Rather than us selling these experiences directly to customers, we thought we’d build an easier platform for creators to deliver and host experiences with their communities,” Poggi said. “This creates an authentic and reputable source of income for creators, while supporting them as they look to build their community. The concept worked and resulted in a very cool experience. Our first trip was to Italy and the next two were to Portugal.

The company’s Series A funding round included participation from existing investors, PSL Ventures, Oregon Venture Fund, Elevate Capital and Portland Seed Fund. TrovaTrip will use the new funding to further advance its platform and open access to more creators, Poggi said.

“We are very focused on continuing to improve our platform to deliver a world-class experience to our hosts, travelers and operators,” Poggi said. “We will increase our sales and marketing efforts to open the platform to more creators and their communities. We have only scratched the surface with various categories and themes that can work effectively. We’re very excited to open up the platform a bit more on the host side. We will then continue to work to expand our selection of journeys to destinations.

TrovaTrip’s Series A funding round, led by PSL Ventures, announced the company’s $5 million in seed funding in August 2021. The company has raised $20 million in funding to date.

In terms of future, TrovaTrip plans to continue to develop its platform as a popular revenue stream for creators. The company claims that it has already become the primary source of income for some creators. TrovaTrip also plans to keep travel safe and maintain a high bar for quality group travel.

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