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Translates Firefox Translations add-on web pages offline released by Mozilla

The Firefox Translations add-on has been released by Mozilla. The new tool was developed under The Bergamot Project, which is intended to provide the option of working directly on users’ machines for web page translation and at the same time protecting their privacy. The add-on translates text into and from any language using the user’s computer resources and the data is not sent to the cloud for processing. It is currently available for translation in eight languages ​​and work is in progress for another four languages.

According to a Mozilla announcement, the Firefox Translations add-on Available for download Firefox Knightley, Beta and Firefox regular releases. The tool provides an automatic translation of web-made web content on the client side. That is Was developed In collaboration with The Bergamot Project Consortium, the University of Edinburgh in partnership with Charles University in Prague, University of Sheffield, Tart University and Mozilla.

Two new features have been added to Mozilla Firefox Translations. The first is the translation of the forms and the second feature is the quality assessment of the translations, where less reliable translations on the page should be automatically highlighted to inform the user of potential errors. Blog post By Mozilla.

Translations are available into English, Spanish, Estonian, German, Czech, Bulgarian, Norwegian Bokml, Portuguese and Italian. Work is underway on languages ​​including Russian, Persian (Persian), Icelandic and Norwegian Nynorsk.

Meanwhile, its biggest competitor is Google Translate Offers now Translation support for a total of 133 languages ​​used worldwide. During the Google I / O keynote event, the company announced that Google Translate supports 24 new languages ​​with machine learning support.

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