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Tracking cybersecurity investment during a venture downturn – Technology Flow

Yesterday’s Tech Stock Root is not evenly distributed; Some companies and technology sectors are better than others. In 2022 the same can be said about technology sectors in general. For example, the basket of cloud stocks we track was off 45% for the year before today’s open, while cybersecurity index funds ($IHAK, $CIBR, etc.) are down about 20%, a much smaller decline. .

Cybersecurity stocks have delivered some gains this year; They are not immune from market repricing. But at the same time, the group is consuming less water.

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We are interested in whether generally more durable cybersecurity public equities translate into more stable venture capital patterns. More simply, did cybersecurity venture capital deal activity outperform other sectors in Q3? We’ve pulled out a sheaf of data to help us make sense of it.

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