Lost and Found Label and Scan on Waterbottle

Tile now includes QR labels for lost items

A woman scanning a tile gets lost and finds a label on a water bottle
The labels are intended for use with devices that you can’t easily attach a Bluetooth tracker to. | Image: Tile

Tile has announced its latest product, new QR code labels to help people find their lost items. Lost and found labels are used with things that don’t work well with regular Bluetooth item trackers, like earbud cases and school textbooks. This is also Tile’s first launch since Jiobit’s $205 million acquisition by Life360, a family safety and location-sharing app that includes child trackers.

Anyone who finds your lost items can scan the QR code to find your contact information and view a personalized message. (You set that part up in the Tile app.) It’s basically a more discreet, high-tech version of writing “If lost, please contact so and so” on your stuff.

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