The Whiting’s Body Comp Scale measures your nerve and arterial health

Withings has some nifty ideas when it comes to smart scales, and for IFA 2022, it announced the Body Comp. What makes Body Comp stand out is that it can assess “normal” body composition as well as the health of your arteries and nerves. Withings is also introducing a new Health Plus coaching service alongside the scale to help customers reach their goals.

Smart scales like Body Comp use BIA to send a weak current to determine how much muscle, water, bone and fat you have in your body. (However, you should always take the accuracy of these scales and health claims with a grain of salt.) What’s new here is that users can assess their vascular age, visceral fat and nerve health from a single device. Visceral fat refers to the fat that cushions your organs. It affects the hormones in your body and too much can damage your metabolism and heart health. The vascular age metric is based on pulse wave velocity, or how quickly pressure waves move through a blood vessel. This indicates how strong a person’s arteries are and whether it is appropriate for their age. People whose vascular age is older than their actual chronological age may be at greater risk of developing cardiovascular problems down the road.

Visceral fat and vascular age are not new to Whiting’s scales, but nerve health is. Whiting’s teased the metric at CES 2022 when it announced its body scan scale. (It had handles and EKG capabilities.) However, the Body Comp was the first Withings scale to actually use the feature. It works by stimulating the sweat glands of your feet. According to Whitings, low activity may indicate that small nerve fibers are degenerating.

Metrics abound, but boatloads of data aren’t useful without context or guidance — which is why Withings’ new Health Plus service is so intriguing. Health Plus intentionally unlocks new details and metrics and suggests behavioral changes users can take to improve their health. For example, you can log your diet, mood, and sleep, and write notes about the circumstances that influenced a particular reading. It also provides users with daily plans, suggested workouts and recipes. Users can access a series of six-week modules designed to improve activity, sleep, stress management and nutrition. On top of all this, the service generates weekly reports that can be shared with doctors.

Of course, services come with subscriptions and this is no exception. Currently, the Health Plus service is only available if you purchase a Body Comp scale. Scale’s $209.95 price includes a 12-month subscription. After that initial year, Whitings spokesman Emmanuel Abreu said to the edge A Health Plus subscription costs $79.95 per year to renew. Abreu said Health Plus will also be available on Body Scan when it launches and will roll out to other compatible devices in the future.

The Body Comp scale will be available from the Whitings website on October 4.

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