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The new Quest update stabilizes your shaky VR recordings

Photo of a man standing in a parking lot wearing a white virtual reality headset and holding two controllers in his hands.
Share your sick gameplay footage without making people sick. | Photo by Amelia Holowaty Kralls/The Verge

Meta is rolling out a v44 software update for Quest headsets, and its big new feature is good news for anyone who likes to share their videos in virtual reality. There are new advanced camera settings that let you manually adjust how much stabilization is added and record 16:9 videos (or 9:16 vertical videos, which are perfect for TikTok) as well as square ones — the only ones available. Third Party Software.

The settings are currently listed as experimental, which is going to be obvious, but they provide adequate control; Options that let you choose your frame rate and compression quality, along with aspect ratio and stabilization controls, Meta blog post…

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