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Stop spending too much time on your product when pitching to investors • Technology Flow

Investors don’t care about your product. Not really.

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Investors think big Consider several things when considering an investment: How big is the market? How good is founder-market fit? Is it venture-scale?

It’s natural for entrepreneurs to live and breathe for their customers and product, but the dirty little secret of fundraising is that it’s remarkably unlikely that your investors will care about your product. And they have some legitimate reasons for being that way.

I often see product-focused entrepreneurs spend a lot of time talking about the solution they’re building. It makes sense. In the context of building a great product, entrepreneurs are creating an investment pitch that reflects their daily lives. They spend a lot of time on their product: they talk to customers, work with engineering, and try to slice up the marketing pie in a way that makes sense.

So when an entrepreneur is talking to their investors, obviously the investors should care just as much about the product, right?


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