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Sonos Sub Mini images leak, suggest cheaper subwoofer nears launch

Sonos customers have been clamoring for a cheaper subwoofer since the first signs appeared late last year and now Giving us some images to give us a better look at the device.

The sub mini design was revealed first to the edge Several months ago, and these marketing images resembled our original rendering. As seen in the images above, there’s a large cutout that more closely resembles the port on Sonos’ larger, $749 sub, along with an overall height closer to the Sonos One speakers.

Sonos Sub Mini images leak suggest cheaper subwoofer nears launch

Production render by Grayson Blackmon / The Verge

The images don’t come with much in the way of details, specifications or release date; However, as WinFuture We suggest that these marketing images will be shipped between October and December, after a delay. Leaks show the Sonos Sub Mini in white and black, suggesting that multiple bundles could be in the works, along with other Sonos products including One speakers and Ray and Beam soundbars.

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