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Snap to lay off a fifth of its workforce after missing revenue and growth targets – Technology Flow

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In the middle of the week? Like mid-weakness! Okay, terrible pun, but we’re a little low on energy today in this heat wave, so it kind of makes sense.

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Technology Flow Top 3

  • Slumdog $5-Illonaire: Landa is the latest startup to attract venture capital, in this case $33 million, to democratize real estate ownership, Mary Ann He writes that Its approach allows people to invest in the real estate sector, which is known for providing generations of wealth, but in a less expensive, more differentiated way and in some cases, as little as $5 initially.
  • Snap, crack and . . . Fizzle: Despite all the news and new revenue streams we’ve reported about Snap right here in this newsletter, Evan Spiegel said the words no tech employee wants to hear right now: “Reinventing our business.” Amanda It unfortunately reports a 20% staff reduction.
  • Disturbances abroad: Amazon faces some tough competition in India and Manish The reports presented some challenges in the e-commerce giant’s ability to gain a more prominent position in the country.

Startups and VC

This week, Haje Went deeper with the entrepreneur who was building digital license plates. He thinks building an easily copyable hardware product in an incredibly tightly regulated industry is a winner-takes-all absolute nightmare, but when it works, it works, and it’s fascinating to watch Reviver build a company, a license. plate at that time.

Populous, a San Francisco-based transportation data startup, started when shared scooter mania took hold and cities tried to understand how infrastructure was being used by fleets of small vehicles. Now, Populous co-founder and CEO Regina Clevelo is repositioning the company to take advantage of another hot opportunity: barriers and congestion. Rebecca He writes that This is a really good read from Technology Flow’s Transportation Desk with the undertone “The Power of Great Pivots”.

Raisin Money, Raising Hell:

Creating a XaaS customer success strategy that drives growth

A pickup truck is carrying a large tomato

Image Credits: Thepalmer (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

A software startup can literally save the day by providing better service than customers expect. In one study, companies that spent 10% of annual revenue on customer success achieved the highest net recurring revenue.

According to TC+ contributors Rachel Parrinello and John Stamos, “Companies often implement two or more customer success archetypes.” They typically vary based on customer segment, business vs. technical focus, and sales motion focus: adopt, renew, upsell, and cross-sell. .”

If you’re interested in optimizing revenue through CS, read on for a complete overview of the job design methodology, because “companies shouldn’t create their customer success roles in a vacuum.”

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Big Tech Inc.

Social media and privacy often don’t go together, especially when kids can already see so much on the Internet. Twitter got caught up in this when it tried to monetize adult content in an attempt to compete with Fans Only. It later canceled the program when it found its system was “unable to detect child sexual abuse material and non-consensual nudity at scale”. Amanda He writes that Meanwhile, California lawmakers wasted no time in moving to establish statewide online privacy protections for children, where none exist at the federal level. Taylor Reports.

  • Stepping on the gas, er, EV pedal: Toyota is accelerating its investment in US electric vehicles and putting about $3.8 billion into the effort, up from an initial $1.3 billion. Jacqueline He writes that
  • Cashing NFTs: Event organizers working with Ticketmaster can now issue NFTs tied to tickets in Flow, Evan Reports.
  • It’s almost fall and that means another Apple event: Brian Here’s the skinny on everything you need to know about Apple’s iPhone 14 event on September 7.
  • A new satellite on the block: Royal Caribbean continues to go “all-in on satellite service” and equip its fleet with Starlink Internet, Devin writes.

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