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Quantum Internet Progress: Data is transmitted between two unconnected network nodes

Researchers at Delft University of Technology have successfully teleported quantum information over a basic network. This is the first of its kind and a big step towards quantum internet. This was made possible by the significantly increased quantum memory and improved quantum link quality between the three nodes of the network. The ability to transport quantum information between network nodes will give future Quantum Internet its power. It opens the door to a wide variety of applications, including the secure sharing of private information, the connection of multiple quantum computers to enhance processing power, and the use of highly accurate, linked quantum sensors.

Small quantum processors make up the nodes of such a network. Transmitting quantum information to these processors is not easy. One option is to communicate quantum bits using light particles. But light particles are unlikely to come in due to the inevitable damage in glass fiber cables.

Teleportation is a more efficient way to transport quantum data. Quantum teleportation protocol derives its name from teleportation in sci-fi movies: the quantum bit disappears from the sender’s side and reappears towards the receiver.

Researchers working at Qtech in collaboration with Delft University of Technology and the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) Published Their research in the journal Nature.

The researchers used an intermediate node called ‘Bob’ to transfer quantum bits from the ‘Charlie’ node to the ‘Alice’ node.

The process is explained in a video shared on QuTech’s Twitter page.

A report States Teleportation has three stages. First, the teleporter must create a tangled situation between Alice and Charlie. Although Alice and Charlie are not physically connected, they are both attached to Bob. Alice and Bob achieved this by combining their processors with each other. After that, Bob and Charlie are intertwined. Bob transmits the riddle by making a certain measurement on its processor. The teleporter is now ready to deploy and Alice and Charlie are trapped.

The ‘message’ to be transported – the quantum bit – is created in the second step. This quantum data was created by Charlie.

Actual teleportation from Charlie to Alice is the third stage. For this, Charlie uses his quantum processor and the joint measurement (including Alice) with half the message in its entangled state. As a result of this measure, the information on Charlie’s side disappears and Alice’s instantly reappears.

You may believe everything is done, but this is far from the case. In fact, the quantum bit is encrypted during transmission, and Charlie’s measurement result determines the key. As a result, Charlie sends the measurement result to Alice, who performs the appropriate quantum operation to decode the quantum bit. Quantum information is ready for use once Alice has completed proper operation.

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