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PSG, Battery Ventures invest $100M in open source password manager Bitwarden • Technology Flow

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Oi Oi Oi! It’s going to be a busy week for the TC crew this week. We’re excited about Apple’s event and having a Y Combinator demo day. Alex Welcome to the week of YC and Apple on the Equity Podcast, and your trusty Daily Crunch team is ready to share with you the cream of the news-crop at our laptops!

Wait, it’s going to be a jungle! — Christine And Haje

Technology Flow Top 3

  • 2Dh1?..Spth!Lmng: Bitwarden’s hard-to-create passwords made it attractive to investors who pumped $100 million in new funding into the company, which aims to rid the world of people using the same passwords in their personal and business lives. Paul He writes that
  • Wild West’ of Climate Tech: Mike Caesar has a story about closing €4.2 million to identify a better way for businesses to carbon-offset.
  • DAO is a source of pride for us: Gaming guild Metaverse Magna is now valued at $30 million after raising $3.2 million in a recent round. tage He writes that the company plans to build “Africa’s largest gaming DAO”.

Startups and VC

The EU — those who make sure we have cookie banners on every damn website you’ve ever visited — is back with a new initiative that could have some major league unintended consequences for open source software. Kyle Reports. The EU’s AI law has a chilling effect — “if a company implements an open source AI system that leads to some disastrous result (…) it can sue the open source developers.”

Our brains are melting in the heat, so here are some truly god-awful puns to match our current mental age:

10 onboarding improvements reduced our customer churn by nearly 3x

Standing on the vacuum red carpet

Image Credits: Hill Street Studios (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Managers who run businesses that rely on recurring revenue are often distracted by the never-ending sprint to maintain optimal KPIs. But one metric may rule them all: customer churn.

It doesn’t matter how many new customers you onboard each month if new users can’t quickly figure out how to use (or benefit from) your products. But to reduce churn, marketing and product teams need onboarding goals, says Sam DeBruhl, co-founder and head of marketing at Heyday.

In a TC+ guest post, he describes the strategies he and his co-founder used to insert themselves into the customer journey and how the changes helped them reduce turnover by nearly 3x.

“If you’re working on onboarding and see something you like here, feel free to steal it.”

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Big Tech Inc.

Manish That’s behind two of our biggest stories over the weekend, including crypto exchange Binance announcing that it will stop supporting USDC, USDP and TUSD and begin converting the three rival stablecoins into its own stablecoin, BUSD, on September 29th. He has also written about India’s information technology. The junior minister summoned Wikipedia after cricketer Arshdeep Singh made edits to his page, “suggesting that some people from Pakistan are behind this move and are trying to disrupt peace in the South Asian market.”

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