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Our 10 Favorite Startups from YC’s S22 Demo Day: Part 2 • Technology Flow

yc school

And we’re back! Yes, today is the second day of pitches from Y Combinator, a US startup accelerator with global outreach that hosts demo days twice a year. This year’s summer 2022 cohort has given us hundreds of batch companies to consider. For participating entrepreneurs, it is a critical day; For investors, it’s a buffet; For us in the media, it’s a chance to see so many companies, each hoping for the next hit from a famous startup backer.

Technology Flow has coverage on discrete areas of startup work, including geospatial failures, forays into AI startups, and a look at the future of fintech. But here, we outline some of the startups from the batch that caught our eye.

As always, this list is for fun, in no particular order — just startups that stood out to Technology Flow reporters for one reason or another. You can find our coverage here and our favorites from day one here. Here is also the complete list of all the startups in the batch presented by YC.

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