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Open source startups have a natural growth model: PLG • Technology Flow

Tracking growth And the frequency of open source startups is a long-term project at Technology Flow. This column has gotten interesting in the past few years, with startups building open source projects that have since been monetized.

BuildBuddy built its service to work with Bazel, an open-source version of Google’s developer tool Blaze, to pick one example from our coverage. Airbyte has created its own open source code that it’s monetizing to highlight another. It’s now so common for startups to build open source code, then commercialize on top of it, or do the latter while contributing to an existing open code base, that we’ve published articles on Technology Flow+ dealing with exactly how to build open source startups. . Hell, the topic has even been cropping up in crypto circles lately.

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Software companies built on open source code are actually so common today that we’ve seen some companies go public after building on the model. Confluence is one. HashiCorp is another.

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