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Nintendo has announced a new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet-flavored Switch OLED

Whenever a new flagship Nintendo game is about to be released, it gets a special edition Switch along with it. Pokemon Scarlet And Violet This is no exception, as today, Nintendo revealed an orange and grape-flavored OLED Switch that will accompany the next major release. Pokemon Title.

The Nintendo Switch – the OLED model – is particularly awkwardly named: Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Edition — the OLED Switch launched on November 4 and retails at $359.99, featuring a fancy paint job Scarlett And Violet’s new legendaries Corridon and Miraidon are worth the $10 extra bucks over the regular stark white SWOLED.

Along with the new SWOLED, Nintendo also released a new trailer ScarVi (My new name for the game I just made) This gives us more details on what to expect from the game. The trailer revealed the “evil” team star — a group of rebellious students who seem to live in their own autonomous zone, which develops into a hilarious world when you realize that Paldia is partially based on Spain. With freedom movements.

Pokemon Politics aside, the trailer also shows another part of the story campaign, in which your student will be seen helping an upperclassman find the mysterious Herba Mystica. It requires entering the caves of Pokemon Titans, simulating a hunt for Pokemon Alphas. Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Finally, no Pokemon The game is complete without gym battles. Victory Road is where your students face off against talented Gym Leaders, some of whom are designed to quench maximum thirst.

Not highlighted in the trailer but mentioned in the accompanying press release, ScarVi There will also be a new gameplay feature called “Let’s Go”. According to the press release, a trainer can send Pokemon to roam the forest, pick up items, and auto-battle any ‘mon, which is great for grinding, but shiny hunters should beware.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Launches November 18 on Nintendo Switch.

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