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New Xbox Noise Suppression eliminates breathing, clicks and music in party chats

If you find Xbox friends breathing heavily into their microphones, blasting loud music in the background or clicking loudly on their controller, the new Xbox Noise Suppression feature is here to save you. Xbox Series X and S owners are getting an update today that includes noise suppression to eliminate annoying clicks, background music, and breathing during party chats.

Noise suppression is enabled by default, but Microsoft says it’s easy to turn it on or off. “You can also turn off noise suppression if you want to keep certain types of background noise at your parties, such as music,” the Xbox support note explains. “Open the guide, scroll to Parties & Chats and select Options. There you can enable or disable noise suppression.

Xbox noise suppression is similar to Discord’s Krisp audio filters and Nvidia’s impressive Broadcast app that lets PC players filter out background noise.

This new Xbox Dashboard update also includes a new way to join friends’ games. “Now friends you share your game clips and screenshots with can not only see your captures, but can play them right away on their mobile device or PC with Cloud Gaming,” explains Microsoft. All you have to do is press play from the clip and you can start playing directly in the browser. It’s similar to how Google Stadia lets you share clips and let friends jump into games.

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