Sonic Prime Teaser Trailer 0 22 screenshot

Netflix’s new Sonic show will be released this winter

In a still from Netflix's upcoming Sonic Prime show, Sonic stands on the grass in front of a brown, stone wall.
Image: Netflix

Sonic Prime, Netflix’s upcoming animated series about Sega’s fast-paced Blue Blur, will be released in “Winter 2022,” according to a new teaser trailer for the show released Tuesday. Earlier, we knew that Sonic Prime The year is coming to an end, and now we have a slightly more specific window for when the show will actually be available to stream.

At first glance, the new trailer doesn’t reveal much about the show; We can see Sonic battling one of his rivals, Shadow, as well as the villainous Eggman. (The big cat also makes another appearance.)

But text in Tuesday’s trailer cryptically teases that Sonic will “shatter your world.” That line seems to refer to the multiverse aspect of the show,…

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