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NASA’s James Web Space Telescope captures interstellar image with unprecedented resolution

NASA’s Infrared Array Camera of the Spitzer Space Telescope has been a great success for the American space agency. The Retired Observatory has until recently captured many stunning images of deep space. This is the first to provide high-resolution images of the near and mid-infrared universe. And, now, we are glad to have found a suitable successor to it. We refer to NASA’s James Web Space Telescope. One of the four instruments housed in this telescope provided a portion of the sky previously captured by Spitzer. And guess what? The latest image is much sharper than the archival shot.

The image is shown at 7.7 microns. It shows part of a large Magellanic cloud, a small satellite galaxy of the Milky Way. This part of the sky has a dense galaxy that is perfect for testing web performance.

NASA Published A blog on a comparative study of two images taken by NASA’s two different devices. Spitzer shot the old picture at 0.8 microns, which is an important factor in the difference in quality between the two photos.

The James Web Space Telescope has four science tools. Its larger primary mirror and improved detectors allow scientists to see the infrared sky with better resolution. This will help them to make more innovations.

This particular image was taken as part of a test by the web’s “cool device”. We are talking about mid-infrared instrument or MIRI. In the image taken by MIRI, the interstellar gas can be seen in detail like never before. According to the website, “here, you can see emissions from” polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons “or carbon and hydrogen molecules that play an important role in the thermal equilibrium and chemistry of interstellar gas.

These test images with MIRI will help scientists to conclude that the Web Telescope will further enhance in-depth space research. MIRI could capture the birth of new stars and protoplanetary systems to assist in these studies.

This image is part of an experiment conducted by a web team. The goal is to set up and test every tool of the web to launch observations this summer.

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