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NASA’s ingenuity gives helicopter aerial perspective on landing gear

NASA’s ingenuity helicopter, the first probe to fly over another planet, captured images of the landing gear that helped it and its companion, the Perseverance Rover, to land on Mars in February 2021. NASA shared those images. The wreckage of the 26th flight over the Red Planet. The images show a dirty parachute and cone-shaped backshell that help land perseverance on the surface of Mars, saving a $ 2.4 billion robotic mission while moving at breakneck speed in deep space and in the Martian atmosphere.

Entering, descending and landing on Mars is fast and stressful as the vehicle needs to withstand gravitational forces, high temperatures and other operational challenges posed by its entry into Mars at 20,000 km / h. NASA says the images were captured on April 19, the first anniversary of the helicopter’s first flight.

“We spy with our little eyes… Rover landing gear! During the 26th flight of the Mars helicopter, it took photos of the perseverance of the entry, descent & landing gear needed to land safely on Mars. You can see the protected backshell & the huge dirty parachute, ”NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which runs the mission, said in a tweet.

Perseverance The rover Gezero crawled safely into the Crater, a dried-up lakebed, where scientists hope to find traces of ancient microbial life. Currently, the rover is collecting soil samples from Mars for a future human mission to send back to Earth. These images provide a great opportunity for scientists to plan a future mission landing.

“NASA has expanded its ingenuity aircraft operations to operate such pilot aircraft. Every time we fly in the air, ingenuity covers new land and provides the perspective of a previous planetary mission unattainable, ”said Teddy Janetos, team leader of ingenuity at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. Advertising.

The rover was in the past Painted Parachute and backshell from a distance but those images do not have an aerial perspective, these photographs provide.

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