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NASA to launch EMIT mission in space to study how dust particles affect Earth: how to watch live streams

NASA is set to launch Earth Climate Monitoring Research on June 10 at the International Space Station (ISS). Named the Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation (EMIT), the probe studies the composition of mineral dust from Earth’s arid regions and how desert dust carries it across the atmosphere. EMIT launches on June 10 on SpaceX’s 25th Commercial Receipt Services Mission. The Dragon spacecraft also supplies supplies and a variety of science equipment to international crews. The spacecraft will carry 4,500 pounds (approximately 2,041 kg) of cargo.

The spacecraft is expected to reach the ISS on June 12. It will be autonomously docked to the forward-facing section of the station’s Harmony Module, with monitoring activities from NASA astronauts Kezel Lindgren and Bob Hines station, NASA said.

Focus of EMIT The goal is to study how mineral rock dust (such as calcite or chlorite) that travels thousands of miles due to strong winds in desert areas can heat or cool the atmosphere and the Earth’s surface.

The space agency will broadcast a live broadcast of the mission.

Are here Key times:

June 10

Launch coverage will begin at 10 a.m. EDT (7:30 IST) NASA TV And NASA website.

Launch sequence begins at 10:22 am EDT (7:52 pm IST).

June 12

Coverage for Dragon Docking starts at 5am EDT (2:30 pm IST)

Docking takes place at 6:20 am EDT (3:50 pm IST).

The mission will carry many other researches to the International Space Station (ISS), including the aging of immune cells and their ability to repel those effects during postflight recovery, how to heal wounds in microgravity, and a student experiment to test a specific alternative. Potential use in future lunar and Martian residences. The spacecraft is expected to spend a month supplementing the outpost in orbit before returning to Earth with research and return cargo.

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