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NASA says ‘monster’ earthquake on Mars is the largest recorded on another planet

On May 4, a magnitude 5 earthquake shook the surface of Mars, according to a seismometer placed on NASA’s Insight Lander. The space agency called the earthquake the “monster” earthquake, the strongest earthquake ever found not only on Mars but also on other planets. The Red Planet previously recorded 4.2 magnitude and 4.1 magnitude earthquakes in August 2021. The space agency found that the quakes were five times stronger than the previous largest earthquake on the planet.

The new “monster” earthquake occurred on the 1,222nd sol (Martin day) of Lander’s mission. Since Insight landed on Mars in 2018, the planet has seen 1,313 earthquakes. According to NASA, An earthquake with a magnitude of 5 can be compared to a magnitude earthquake on Earth. However, it was close to its maximum level observed by the scientist on the red planet during the mission.

The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. The purpose of the seismometer is to study and study the deep interior of the planet Earthquakes play an important role. According to the Space Agency, seismic waves “pass or reflect through the material of Mars’ crust, mantle and core.” In doing so, they modified and modified the parameters that help seismologists in studying the composition and other properties of these layers.

Speaking about the earthquake, Bruce Bonard, Insight’s lead researcher at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, which is leading the mission, said the team has been “looking forward” to setting up their seismometer in December 2018. “This earthquake is sure to provide a view of the planet like nowhere else,” he said. “Scientists will analyze this data to learn new things about Mars in the coming years.”

While the earthquake promises exciting new scientific discoveries, it also comes at a time when Lander is in some operational trouble. On May 7, Insight dropped below the available power level, causing it to slip into safe mode. This means that the spacecraft will stop all but the most important functions.

Last month, a seismometer placed by NASA’s Insight Lander detected two Marscakes with magnitudes of 4.2 and 4.1.

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NASA says monster earthquake on Mars is the largest recorded

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