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Lil Nas X, please don’t let League of Legends fans sing the n-word

A photo of Lil Nas X in an all-black outfit at a table in a room filled with gold accents.
Image: Riot Games

Lil Nas X “President League of Legends” Just over 24 hours, and he Already cutting No longer content to be the Lord of Hell, Lil Nas X ditched his fiery crown, swapping it for a desk in Riot Games’ CEO suite. His first executive order? Making Udyr’s bare skin. His second executive order, well… it’s going to do half the population League Sportsmen A lot unhappy

There is also another LOL-A tasteful tweet from President X that I can’t link here because it’s likely to trip every filter that isn’t safe for work designed by my employers on this browser and laptop….

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