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LG’s Styler Shoecase and Shoecare are like a hotel and spa for your kicks

If you’ve been browsing around The Container Store for the perfect sneaker storage, you’re looking in the wrong places. What you really need is LG’s new Styler ShoeCase — a shoe box with a window currently on display at IFA. The enclosure keeps your shoes safe from moisture and has filters to protect them from UV light.

Oh, so you headed to Ikea to get stackable shelving for all your kicks? Well, I’m happy to report that the Styler Showcase lets you stack these four bad boys against each other. And each has a built-in Lazy Susan that can be rotated to show off the best angles of your Jordan VII — and hide a scuff mark from when the homie moved a chair over it.

LG is also showing off its new Styler shoecare device that will take care of your smelly soles. The company already has the Styler line of at-home clothing care tools it’s been making for years, and it essentially pared down the technology of its Styler Home steam-cleaning closet to keep shoes.

The company’s own internal research Millennials and Gen Z have discovered that they have a “culture of collecting expensive designer, luxury and limited edition sneakers,” so the company looked to see what it could do to help “these sneakerheads,” as LG puts it.

LGs Styler Shoecase and Shoecare are like a hotel and

You can stack four shoecases on top of each other or one on top of the shoecase. I would like to see a fifth stack.
Image: LG

LGs Styler Shoecase and Shoecare are like a hotel and

Here’s a suggested millennial pad arrangement. Please remove your shoes and run them through Shoecare before sitting down.
Image: LG

Friends may come to your pad thinking the Shoecare is a mini fridge, but you can surprise them by inserting any leftover sneakers into your door and showing off LG’s TrueSteam cleaning technology. Let them know that its Geo-Dry filters make their shoes “more pleasant to wear and be around,” as LG puts it.

“Multiple Moving Nozzle” (Yes, LG has trademarked the nozzles) Height adjustable and drying shoes – up to four pairs at a time. The entire process takes about 37 minutes and runs at a “quiet” 35 decibels, which is somewhere between a whisper and the average urban background noise.

And don’t worry about your kicks when you’re not; The LG ThinQ app lets you monitor and remotely control both the Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare. The company will partner with “various lifestyle brands” to bring new app features in the future. Styler products don’t have pricing or availability yet, but for now, head back to Ikea for a regular shelf, The Container Store for some clear plastic boxes, and get a Finish Line employee to sell you a shoe cleaning kit.

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