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Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo Tix All Boxes: Ashish Sikka, Lenovo India

Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo

The Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo is the brand’s latest all-in-one offering that aims to cater to all organizations, large and small. Additionally, the new machine brings several eco-friendly features as part of Lenovo’s green initiative. Gizbot caught up with Ashish Sikka, Director, Commercial Category & Strategy, Lenovo India, to tell us more about the new ThinkCentre Neo.

Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo Features: What Does It Offer?

“The tagline that defines Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo is that it’s time-honored, yet it’s future-ready,” Sikka told us. Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo is powered by the latest Intel Core processors, offering the latest 12th-generation CPUs. The machines are sleek and stylish, built from eco-friendly materials.

The new 12th generation Intel Core processors support DDR5/LPDDR5 memory. However, Lenovo continued to include only DDR4 RAM. When asked about this, Sikka told us that the decision was taken keeping in mind the global supply crisis. “Since DDR4 allowed us to deliver our machines to customers on time, we decided to go ahead with it,” he explained.

This also brings us to the security of the new Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo, especially considering remote work. “The machines have ThinkShield security, which is a suite of hardware and software,” Sikka said. Apart from this, enterprises can tap into features like dTPM, smart cable chips for physical protection and more.

Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo machines: mean and green

Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo machines: mean and green

This also brings us to the green initiatives implemented by Lenovo on the new ThinkCentre Neo. The new all-in-one desktop packaging is made from ocean-bound plastic, which can be further recycled. “It has various low-noise certifications, which means it’s energy-efficient,” explains Sikka.

Additionally, the all-in-one desktops are cooled by Intelligent Cooling Engine (ICE) 5.0 to deliver optimal performance to users. This reduces the heat generated and the power consumed by ThinkCentre Neo machines.

Lenovo also has a CO2 offset service, which further enhances the brand’s green policy. Here, when buyers get a new product, they can also opt for a CO2 offset service where Lenovo cancels the product’s carbon footprint by planting more trees. Buyers also get a certificate for the same, which can be further audited.

New Lenovo Gadgets: Entry-Level and Premium Machines Incoming

New Lenovo Gadgets: Entry-Level and Premium Machines Incoming

While the ThinkCentre Neo is an interesting addition to Lenovo, one might also be interested in other new products coming from the brand. “We will be launching several new products in August and September and in the second half of the financial year,” added Sikka to keep things exciting.

The new, refreshed product range from Lenovo includes more desktops, new laptops at entry level and premium grade, desktop workstations and more. In addition, the new ThinkCentre M series includes updated DDR5 technology for those looking for the latest specs.

Aside from products, Lenovo is also working on other innovations. This includes services and customer needs. All in all, Lenovo seems to have a lot of new additions. Currently, the ThinkCentre Neo is on sale and can be explored on the Lenovo India website or Lenovo stores.

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