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Larry Page’s flying car startup Kitty Hawk is shutting down

In the clear and starry night sky, there was a red charter-sized plane.
Kitty Hawk’s last eVTOL in Heaviside development. | Image: Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk, the ambitious “flying car” startup funded by Google co-founder Larry Page, confirmed in a brief post on LinkedIn earlier today.

According to a report from internalKitty Hawk has already closed work on a 100-mile-capable heavyside vehicle, company sources said. internal Page reported being largely hands-off from the company, but Heaviside said he became more closely involved with its transition to research and development after the project ended.

Although Kitty Hawk is winding down its own aircraft development, at least one project in its joint venture company with Boeing: Whisk Aero will continue. “Today’s news won’t affect the whisk. We are strong…

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