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iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini for sale up to a maximum of Rs. 11,910 discount through Amazon India, Flipkart

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are available to buy at discounted prices from Amazon India and Flipkart. Discounts applicable on handsets vary according to variant storage and color variations. E-commerce sites also offer banking and exchange offers on iPhone 12 models. Some color variants of the Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini and specific storage options are not available on both Amazon and Flipkart.

The iPhone 12 64GB Black is online Rs. Sale with discount. 11,910 on Amazon India From MRP to Rs. 65,900. Blue and white variant Will be available at a Discount Rs. 11,000 Discount on Red Color Rs. Rs. 9,910. Purple and green color options of the same storage option Feature a Discount Rs. 8,910.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 is 128GB Available for purchase With a discount of up to Rs. 11,000 from MRP to Rs. 70,900 on Amazon. IPhone 12 256GB Available The discounted price is Rs. 26,901 from MRP to Rs. 94,900.

In addition, the e-commerce site is priced at Rs. Also offering a discount of up to. 11,650 and Rs. 2,000 discount on Bank of Baroda credit card.

The iPhone 12 Mini is not currently available on Amazon.

On Flipkart, the iPhone 12 has all the color variants of 64GB Rs. Provided with a discount. 10,910 From MRP to Rs. 65,900. All color variants of iPhone 12 128GB a Discount Rs. 9,910 From MRP to Rs. 70,900. iPhone 12 256GB is not currently available on the website.

The iPhone 12 Mini 64GB Black, Blue, Red and White are sold at a price Discount Rs. 9,901 From MRP to Rs. 59,900 However the purple and green variants are not currently available. iPhone 12 Mini 128GB is not currently available on the website. iPhone 12 Mini 256GB priced at Rs. Rs. 9,901 from MRP to Rs. 74,900. iPhone 12 Mini Series Rs. Available with discount up to. 13,000 and Rs. 3,250 discount or 10% discount on SBI credit card transactions from Flipkart.

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