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Intelligent metaserface can revolutionize lives, help develop 6G wireless, green IoT, and more: Researchers

With the rapid development of technology, the manipulation of electromagnetic waves and information has become crucial to the modern lifestyle. It called for the development of intelligent metaserfaces – those that do not require manual intervention to control wave-information-matter interaction. To this end, a team of researchers has attempted to study the development of intelligent metaserface with a view to the future. They say intelligent metaserfaces will greatly benefit the development of 6G wireless communications, Green IoT and digital twinning.

Researchers say that the development of intelligent metaserface “refreshed human insights into many fundamental laws,” which led to the development of many new devices and systems, such as clogging, tunneling, and holograms.

“We can imagine intelligent metaserfaces learning, making decisions, self-programming and constantly learning in their ‘lifetime,” they say. Advertising. The Intelligent Metaserface is an evolving research field with a variety of disciplines. Researchers say that many open-ended questions need to be addressed carefully in the future.

The research was led by Professor Tai Jun Cui of Southeastern University and Professor Lianlin Lee of Peking University. Published their paper in eLight.

Intelligent metaserface has three key features – digitization, programmability and intelligence. Digitization allows the metaserface to encode, decode, and store digital information. With programmability, the metasirface can perceive different functions with a single physical element. Intelligence means that the metaserface can make decisions, self-program and perform a series of tasks without human supervision.

In predicting the future of intelligent metaserface, existing wireless signals in our lives are crucial to the further development of the field, the researchers said. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, especially in data mining and knowledge discovery, in-depth study in almost every field in science and engineering has proven to be extraordinarily useful. In-depth practice certainly gives birth to comprehensive and active research directions, they say. Researchers say intelligent metaserface has the potential to revolutionize our lives.

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Intelligent metaserface can revolutionize lives help develop 6G wireless green

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