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India ranks 2nd in Speedtest Global Index for Mobile Broadband Speed ​​in April 2022: Okla

According to the Ukla Speedtest Global Index, in April 2022, India climbed two places in the global rankings for mediocre mobile internet speeds. Medium fixed broadband speeds in India declined slightly, while medium mobile download speeds increased. At overall median fixed broadband speeds, India dropped from 72nd in March to 76th in the world, down four ranks in April. The index added that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Singapore topped the global rankings for mobile broadband and fixed broadband performance respectively.

Mobile internet speeds in April

Ookla released its SpeedTest Global Index for the month of April 2022. In the index, India jumped two places at medium mobile speeds from 120 in March to 118 in April. The median mobile download speed in India increased from 13.67Mbps in March to 14.19Mbps in April.

Fixed broadband speeds in April

The country, which was ranked 72nd in March in terms of median fixed broadband speeds, slipped four places to 76th in April. Medium fixed broadband speeds in India dropped from 48.15Mbps in April to 48.09Mbps.

The best performers in the Ukla Speedtest Global Index

The top countries in the index are the Middle Eastern country UAE and the island nation Singapore. The UAE Mobile Broadband tops the list with a median mobile download speed of 134.48Mbps. Singapore tops the list of fixed broadband with a median fixed broadband download speed of 207.61Mbps.

The highest gainers in April 2022 were Ukraine and Papua New Guinea. Ukraine was the biggest gainer in the rankings for median mobile broadband download performance, and in April 2022 Papua New Guinea ranked the largest gainer in the rankings for fixed broadband performance.

On Tuesday, at the Silver Jubilee of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TROI), Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that India plans to make the 6G telecom network available by the end of the decade. Indian telecom companies are currently gearing up to make the 5G telecom network available.

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