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How to watch Netflix’s Tudum event this weekend

The Netflix logo and the Tudum logo, both of which are simply clip art of a playing card and a character from the Squid game
Netflix ad for Tudum | Image: Netflix

Tudum, Netflix’s annual showcase/fan event of upcoming projects, also shares a name with the streamer’s editorial website, once again we’re ready to give the world a first look at several projects from the likes of DB Weiss and David Benioffs. Three-body problem Adaptation and new season The Witcher.

When does the rash start?

The year’s premier Tumblr showcase of Western productions kicks off with a performance on September 24 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET Enola Homes 2 and runs for about three hours as other movies and films are previewed. In addition to the main event, Netflix will premiere several of its upcoming Korean productions at 11AM KST (7PM PT / 10PM ET on September 23) as well as its Indian…

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