Hackers use ride-hailing app to create massive traffic jam in Moscow

Using the Russian ride-hailing app, Yandex Taxi, hackers created a major traffic jam in Moscow by summoning dozens of taxis to (through) the same location at the same time. Vice) was attacked on September 1 and traffic heading towards Kutuzovsky Prospect – an already busy boulevard – came to a standstill.

A video showing lines of taxis seemingly trying to reach a single destination has been widely shared Twitter And Reddit Thursday. Moscow is known for its heavy traffic – it was ranked the second most congested city in the world last year – and the incident was not related to the capital city’s normal traffic patterns.

“On the morning of September 1, Yandex.Taxi faced an attacker’s attempt to disrupt the service – several dozen drivers received bulk orders to the Philly region,” Yandex Taxi said in a statement to the Russian state-owned outlet. Toss. The ride-hailing service, owned by Russian Internet giant Yandex, said the jam lasted about 40 minutes and that “its algorithm has already been improved to detect and block such attacks to prevent similar incidents in the future.” Yandex did not immediately respond to the edgeRequest for comment.

Yandex has not yet confirmed who carried out the attack, but a hacktivist group Anonymous, responsible For a jam on Twitter. It said it worked with Ukraine’s IT Army, a loosely organized group of hacktivists aided by Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov when Russia first invaded Ukraine. Anonymous declared a “cyber war” against Russia earlier this year and later claimed to have hijacked Russian TV channels with footage of the war, which is considered “illegal” in the country. Hacktivists have leaked terabytes worth of data and emails belonging to the country’s government agencies and major corporations as part of an ongoing cyber campaign against Russia.

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