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Google CEO Sundar Pichai Interview at Code Conference

Google CEO Sundar Pichai will be on hand for a wide-ranging interview with Cara Swisher at Vox Media’s annual Code conference in Beverly Hills, California.

As always, there is much to discuss. As head of both Google and its parent company Alphabet, Pichai oversees one of the world’s most expansive companies. Google is a player in almost every technology space, from consumer hardware to driverless cars and the cloud. Of course, there’s also its core search business, which is as wildly profitable as ever, but is seeing increasing competition from startups like TikTok and Niva.

Pichai is in the midst of navigating another challenge: his own employees. He told them recently that they need to operate with “greater urgency” and that “we need to simplify the company and manage complexity as we scale.” Pichai also faces the challenge of steering one of the world’s most important companies through a rapidly changing, uncertain economy, even as governments look to chip away at Google’s dominance.

to the edge The crew was in the room at Code and live blogging Pichai’s interview below:

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