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Garmin Foreigner has released the 955 and 255 Series watches and we can not wait for our next run

Garmin has released its Forranner 955 and 255 series watches after months of speculation. A total of six watches, it unveiled two 955 models – the Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar and Non-Solar Option – while the 255 Series gets 255 and 255 in both music and non-music options.

We will go into the full specs below and each watch will receive its own first effects and a full review over the next few days and weeks. However, these triathlon-guided multisport offers are likely to already be on our list of the best Garmin watches.

Garmin Foreigner 955 Series

Garmin Foreigner 955 Solar

(Image credit: Matt Evans)

Let’s start with the Garmin Farrner 955 Solar and move on to the specs and features. Available now (Opens in new tab) Priced at $ 599 in the US and 549.99 in the UK (not to mention the official price in Australia yet), the 955 Solar, as the name suggests, incorporates Garmin’s power glass solar charging lens technology to extend the 20-day battery life. Life to its limit. The non-solar version is priced at £ 479.99 in the UK and $ 499.99 in the US.

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