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Epic Games Store Mega Sale 2022: Great Offers on Far Cry 6, Ghostwire Tokyo and more

The Epic Games Store Mega Sale 2022 went live on Thursday and runs through June 16 until 11am ET / 8:30 pm IST. Up to 75% off over 1,600 games and add-ons. You will also get Mega Coupons from the Limitless Epic Games Store during this sale, which offers an additional 25 percent discount on game purchases worth $ 14.99 (approximately Rs. 1,160) or more. Mega Sale also offers 2022 Vault and Mega Deals, which are refreshed each week with new offers.

The Epic Games store mega sale 2022 lasts for four weeks and goes on sale for the first time since its release on the Ghostwire: Tokyo platform. Here are some other great discounts currently available.

Epic Games Store Mega Sale 2022 Best Discounts

Small Teenage Wonderland Rs. 2,639.20 – 20% discount

Ghostwire: Tokyo Rs. 1,649.33 – 34% discount

Far Cry 6 priced at Rs. 1,499.50 – 50% discount

Far Cry 6 Review

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rs. 1,599.50 – 50% discount

Cyberpunk 2077 Rs. 1,499.50 – 50% discount

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Standard Edition is priced at Rs. 1,199.60 – 60% discount

Assassin Creed Valhalla Review

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Rs. 1,649.50 – 50% discount

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Riders Republic Rs. 1,499.50 – 50% discount

Hitman 3 priced at Rs. 944.50 – 50% discount

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Rs. 610.35 – 35% discount

Kena Bridge of Spirits Review

Mafia: The trio is worth Rs. 1,649.50 – 50% discount

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As mentioned earlier, there is also Vault, which opens every week of the sale to offer a new free game. During the first week, Borderlands 3 May 26 is free until 8:30 pm IST.

Epic is offering game items and more for free as part of the Mega Deals offer. Right now, you can get exclusive items from popular titles like HNY Inverted Wheels in Rocket League. Also, the Legendary Bundle is available on Warframe and offers the Fortnight Knights Quest Pack.

The Epic Games Store Mega Sale 2022 runs from Thursday 19th May, Thursday 16th June.

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