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Elon Musk’s Starlink to Provide In-Flight Wireless Internet at Hawaii Airlines

Elon Musk’s StarLink will offer in-flight wireless internet on Hawaii Airlines’ Trans-Pacific flight, the airline said Monday.

Under the agreement, the companies are in the early stages of implementation and are expected to install wireless internet on selected aircraft next year, Hawaii said.

StarLink, a unit of SpaceX, has been in talks with various airlines for months to provide in-flight internet service as it seeks to expand its reach beyond customers and homes in rural areas of the world that do not have Internet access.

Hawaii says it will equip its Airbus A330 and A321neo aircraft, as well as the incoming flight of the Boeing 787-9 with StarLink’s satellite internet connectivity service.

StarLink last week signed its first contract with air carrier, semi-private jet service JSX, which will fit 100 aircraft with StarLink terminals.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal Reported Delta Airlines negotiated with Starlink and conducted exploratory tests on its technology.

SpaceX has sought regulatory approval from the US Federal Communications Commission to operate StarLink on aircraft and shipping ships and has previously tested the Internet network on some Gulfstream jets, as well as military aircraft.

Hawaii said it had no plans to operate the service on a Boeing 717, which operates small aircraft between the Hawaiian Islands.

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