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Burns & Noble’s new Nook Ereader is cheap but with tradeoffs

Burns Nobles new Nook Ereader is cheap but with

Barnes & Noble is still in the Ereader game and is following the latest recruits with the more affordable NOOK GlowLight 4e.

This New model (Opens in new tab)This is an adaptation of last year Glolite4 (Opens in new tab), Reduced the price from $ 30 to a more attractive $ 119.99. However, savings come with performance costs.

Mid-tier eReader

The gap between GlowLight 4 and 4e is not that big. For starters, the new model still has a 6-inch E ink screen that can withstand scratches and annoying light. The name ‘glolite’ refers to glolite illumination, which, according to Burns & Noble, is a powerful backlight enough to read on a bed without overhead light or to counteract the bright light of the sun.

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