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Aversion to NFTs in video games is part of a slow green revolution – Technology Flow

More games and more NFTs pose questions for the gaming industry

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would have been there Video games have been a staunch backlash against NFTs since they first started popping up. In general, both gamers and industry experts have disapproved of blockchain implementations in video games, largely concerned with the environmental impact the technology has.

But aside from NFTs, the video game industry is often left out when we talk about industries that have a bigger impact on the environment. But some in the industry are taking steps to make the industry greener.

With indie development becoming more common these days, the number of video games coming out every month is higher than ever. And as the industry grows, so does its impact on society. While indie studios are generally a risky bet for investments, 2021 has seen NFT games in particular attract interest. Given the impact the underlying technology has on the environment, we thought it would be appropriate to take a closer look at the entire video. Influence of the game industry.

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