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Apple’s new Tom Hanks exclusive is a quiz game for the Apple Arcade

Hanx101 TriviaThe trivia game, narrated by actor Tom Hanks, will soon be one of the games available exclusively on Apple’s Arcade subscription service ( via Variety) despite the name, it’s not a game dedicated to quizzing you about Hanks’ career — a press release from game developer Blueline Studios claims it will feature “tens of thousands of questions” about subjects like history, math, and geography. the food (I hope the next set includes at least one question about a box of chocolates.)

The game features a head-to-head competition mode, a team mode, and a “Hanx101 mode” where you can try to get a high score while answering 101 questions. “Special formats like ‘Word Jam’ and ‘I Spy’ are also apparent, although marketing materials for the game seem to leave an open question as to what they will look like. The game launches on Friday, September 2nd.

Apples new Tom Hanks exclusive is a quiz game for

I swear this is actually one of the screenshots The game’s Apple Arcade page.
Image: Blueline Studios

I’ll be honest, this sounds like a pretty weird project to me. First of all, there is the name; Blueline’s official website for the game styles it as such Hanx101 Trivia With no space between Hanx and 101, there’s a gap in Apple’s Arcade listing. Second, it’s being marketed as “a way for Tom to share his love and passion for trivia with his fans, casual gamers, trivia fans, and you.” I didn’t know he was so useless.

Being weird doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Like I said before, I’m definitely going to try it. And it’s fun to experiment with what kind of projects come to Apple Arcade. This service became available only in the last few months cooking mom And Frogger games, along with a sequel Jetpack JoyrideA kart racing game featuring Hank Hill and the infamous port Goat simulator.

Hanks is no stranger to creating content for Apple services; He acted Finch And GreyhoundTwo movies premiered on Apple TV Plus.

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