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Apple unveils new iPhone 14, rugged Apple Watch and more • Technology Flow

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It’s Wednesday, today is Apple iPhone 14 (here’s all our stories from Apple’s event) and Y Combinator demo day…day. As you can see, our team is one or the other and some have decided to split themselves in half and bring you the latest and greatest. Enjoy every last morsel. – Christine And Haje

Technology Flow Top 3

  • It’s hot here: One of the new Apple Watch features that readers will find most appealing are the new temperature sensors, two of which, in fact, Haje He writes that If you run hot in your sleep, drink too much the night before, or just want to know the best time to conceive, the clock will tell you what’s going on. You can see more at Apple’s iPhone 14 event in the Big Tech section.
  • Editing rights are long overdue: For those of you who make spelling mistakes or remember something after you’ve already hit “tweet,” Twitter lets you edit a tweet up to five times in a 30-minute period after its editing feature drops. Evan Reports. Sorry, six edits is one too many.
  • The fintech frenzy: Natasha M And Anita Dive into the fintech pool of Y Combinator’s Summer 2022 batch to find out which trends are making waves. Demo Day started today and ends tomorrow — our team is standing by.

Startups and VC

In startup land, that’s a lot of Y Combinator goodness. Dominic-Madori And Natasha M Wrote about YC’s diversity data and Anita And Natasha M Observed that the accelerator is doubling down on crypto entrepreneurs despite market volatility.

Today has been an extremely busy day on the site and the following only scratches the surface. We’ve done our best to pick out some of the most interesting reads, but don’t forget to skim our homepage today — it’s a veritable cornucopia of techie goodness.

Dear Sophie: Can I start a company or side hustle on a TN visa?

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Image Credits: Bryce Durbin/Technology Flow

Dear Sophie:

I am a Canadian citizen working in the US under a TN visa as a software engineer, I want to start my own company or at least earn money through a side hustle.

Is this possible in my TN or is this the only way I can do it through green card? If so, is it possible to get permanent residence as TN is non-immigrant intent?

– Smart Canadian

(Technology Flow+ is our membership program that helps entrepreneurs and startup teams get ahead. You can sign up here.)

Big Tech Inc.

We’re going to rename this section “Big Apple” because half of the stories come from our team’s hustle to cover the Apple iPhone 14 event. Brian, Kyle, Haje, Amanda, Evan, Romaine And Sarah It gives you a lot of details about SIM cards, AirPods and Apple Watch. Too many to list here, but you can read all the stories from our dedicated Apple iPhone 14 event hub.

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