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Apple is strict about copy and paste in iOS 16

An iPhone image displaying iOS 16's new permission prompt to paste from another app.
Where is my “Always Allow” option, Apple? | Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

During my time using iOS 16 so far, I’ve generally been very pleased with the new features and improvements. A customizable lock screen is fun. Removing the background of images by emphasizing the subject of the image is still not outdated. But just days into the new software, I’ve already discovered my biggest disappointment: iOS now asks if it’s OK to paste an item from one app to another. Continuously. Repeatedly.

A better solution is needed.

I understand why Behind the new prompt. Your iPhone clipboard often contains sensitive data — passwords, personal photos, two-factor passcodes, etc. Apps likely skim more of this information than any of us realize. And this…

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