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Anker’s Nano 3 USB-C charger is even smaller, more colorful, and still 30W

Anker is making its smallest charger even smaller and cheaper at $22.99. The new Anker 511 Nano 3 Charger is a 30-watt single USB-C charger designed to quickly charge an iPhone or iPad and can even power a MacBook Air — all with a charger the size of Apple’s old 5W charger. Including iPhones.

Like last year’s model, the Nano 3 is a gallium nitride (GaN) charger that can produce more power from a smaller and cooler packaging. It doesn’t use the company’s new GaNPrime tech introduced in July, but the Nano 3 has foldable blades that make it less fiddly to carry in a pocket.

Ankers Nano 3 USB C charger is even smaller more colorful

Image: Ankar

Compared to Apple’s 30W USB-C charger, the new Nano 3 is 70 percent smaller, according to Anker. It can charge the iPad Air up to 20 minutes faster than Apple’s included 20W charger.

The Nano 3 is available now on the Anker website and Amazon for $22.99 and comes in black, white, blue, green and purple. Anker also sells matching lighting cables that use a combination of plastic and plant-based materials for $18.99 (3ft) and $21.99 (6ft) each, as well as USB-C versions for $16.99 and $19.99, respectively. Unfortunately, bio-based plastic composites are still non-biodegradable when they eventually hit a landfill, and even though their sources are renewable, experts warn that the materials used by the crops produce more water use and greenhouse gas emissions than regular plastics.

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