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Amazon has announced a three-day hiatus on The Rings of Power reviews

Amazon is reportedly putting a three-day delay on user reviews of all content on Prime Video, including new releases. Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. According to reports from Variety And DeadlineDelay helps prevent review bombing, or flooding a particular show, movie, game, or book with negative remarks.

An Amazon spokesperson said Variety It puts the policy in place to allow service time to assess whether a user review is coming from an actual viewer — not a bot or troll looking to hijack the reviews section. Amazon introduced the policy earlier this summer, starting with its reboot A league of their ownThis argued with review bombers who objected to the show’s political stance.

The Rings of Power Unfortunately, dealing with a similar stream of negative reviews, some users took aim at the inclusion of actors from underrepresented backgrounds. The series offers a different take on JRR Tolkien Lord of the Rings universe, and is set in the second age of Middle-earth. Amazon said the series garnered 25 million global viewers the day it premiered, making it the biggest debut for Amazon Prime Video ever.

But despite Amazon’s efforts to stem the tide of bad reviews on its platform, it still hasn’t stopped The Rings of Power From the review bombardment on Rotten Tomatoes and other websites like Amazon-owned IMDb. The series currently holds a 34 percent general audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while 24.7 percent of reviewers on IMDb gave it one star.

In 2019, Rotten Tomatoes attempted to address this issue by implementing verified reviews, which show proof that users have purchased tickets to the film they are reviewing. It also started blocking users from posting reviews about yet-to-be-released movies. This obviously doesn’t help when it comes to TV reviews, but came in response to bombarded users Captain Marvel, Black LeopardAnd Star Wars: The Last Jedi With bad faith reviews at the time.

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