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4 Strategies for Building Strong Open Source DevOps Toolsets • Technology Flow

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DevOps methodology It’s going mainstream for good reason: 99% of practitioners say it has positively impacted their organization.

While DevOps is above all a way of collaborating, most of it is made up of tools. And it turns out that many popular DevOps tools like Prometheus, Argo, Grafana, KubeFlow and Jenkins are open source software (OSS).

While OSS is free to use, assembling an OSS DevOps toolset — with an average of 15 tools per company — is not without challenges. Let’s see what these obstacles are and how to avoid them.

Choose active, supported projects

Before adding an OSS project to your DevOps toolset, be sure to conduct a thorough audit: How many contributors does the project have? Are they individuals or organizations? How quickly are problems resolved? Is their community forum or Slack active?

This gives you a picture of the overall functionality and health of the project.

While the software is free, you should remember that operation costs are always real.

Even established OSS projects are at risk. For example, the logging tool Log4j has been in murky waters since last year. Many serious security breaches were discovered and the community took time to develop security patches.

These patches unfortunately bring new security vulnerabilities. And because the tool is embedded in most parts of the software stack, troubleshooting can be a daunting task. For small organizations with a small IT budget or not exposed to security issues, patching may never happen. It is so bad that the FTC is threatening to step in and impose fines.

Another good indicator is to choose projects endorsed by prominent OSS leaders, such as CNCF and the Apache Foundation. These organizations conduct security audits on the projects they support and, more broadly, ensure that they have reached a level of maturity based on clear criteria.

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